Course Detail


  • Why Shopify?
  • Before You Start Set-Up
  • Start Your Free Trial

How to Add Products to Sell

  • Add a Product
  • Create a Collection

How to Get Paid

  • Payment Set-Up 101

How to Design Your Store

  • How to Buy Your Domain
  • How to Create Pages
  • How to Create Navigation
  • How to Choose Your Theme
  • Edit the Look and Feel of Your Store
  • How to Edit Preferences

How to Ship Your Product

  • How to Set Up Shipping
  • How to Set Up Legal
  • How to Set Up Checkout

Taxes, Billing and Settings

  • How to Set Up Notifications
  • How to Set Up General Settings
  • How to Set Up Taxes
  • How to Set Up Billing

Launching Your Shopify Store

  • How to Place a Test Order
  • How to Launch Your Online Store
  • How to Add a Sales Channel
  • How to Add an App
  • How to Kickstart Your Marketing
  • Shopify Analytics Overview
  • How to Join the Community

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